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Please DO NOT SCHEDULE an interview if you are not ready to take the next step or cannot complete your paperwork or profile within a reasonable amount of time. 

If accepted, castings are time sensitive and we start submitting right away, so please ONLY SCHEDULE A SKYPE IF YOU ARE READY. 


MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Read thoroughly through Manikin’s FAQ located below PRIOR to scheduling.


This link will cover FAQ, COSTS for any sites you need to be registered on, what we expect from you as a talent and what you can expect from Manikin. 


Download our App called Manikin Agency and look through some of the awesome recent castings. 


Follow our Instagram, @ManikinAgency so you can see the awesome work our talent is doing! You have to know what’s going on with your agency. 


COMPLETE PAPERWORK WITHIN 1 week Upon acceptance, you will be responsible for completing talent paperwork. You’ll receive an in depth welcome packet with everything you need. (including your non exclusive agreement, profile database set up, and any permit or coogan account links that are needed for minors to work) 



You can start immediately confirming booking requests that we send to you. 

***** Please note that we are working on strict deadlines for bookings, so urgency is necessary when replying to your agent,, submitting self tapes and confirming fittings/availability. *****


We are looking for talent and parents that are easy to work with. We operate with 11 full time international staff that dedicate their lives to our talent, and we expect the same level of professionalism and dedication from our talent and their families. 


If you feel that you are a dynamite fit for Manikin, then please schedule your chat below. 

Agency Requirements:

  • All interviews are conducted online via skype chat which is found on the talent application. We do not accept walk ins.

  • Talent under the age of 18 MUST have a parent present during the skype. 

  • Chat takes approximately 20-30 minutes and covers your experience ( if any), where you want to work and travel to, and what your goals are for proper division placement. You will be asked to perform a monologue, commercial, song or talent, depending on what you are applying for. 

  • If placed with Manikin, you will receive a welcome packet to complete including the following:

  1. Non exclusive agency agreement. and the link to complete your online content management site.   (see below for details)

  2. Video tutorials and additional information on how to rock out bookings for Manikin.

  3. Are there any costs? Booking Fee and any tools needed are the talent's cost. 

  4. Each agency has tools you will be responsible for. All Tools are the responsibility of the talent. Invest in yourself.


Tools that talent are responsible for are defined as:

  1. Commercial headshots and bodyshots- You can hire a commercial photographer, or hire a photography student to save on costs long as you receive what we need. Please ask us for a sample of what you need to shoot if you are unsure. If you were referred to us by a school or mother agent, please contact them direct to set up a shoot.

  2. Agency does not require printed composite cards or headshots except for auditions. Instead, you'll have a digital comp card on your profile database system that can be edited by the agency and printed from your home or office at anytime, giving you the option of changing looks as needed per audition without the bulk of one look. The agency will help you set up your online comp card. You can have one look or several each time, depending on the casting you are attending. This feature alone will save hundreds a year on cost to have the comp edited, layout and printing costs.

  3. To confirm castings, we have created the Manikin Agency app. We were the first agency to create an app that is user friendly to submit to projects and bookings.  

  4. We do not charge for representation. Tools, however are all the responsibility of the talent.

  5. The Audition Connection- a digital portfolio system online to support the talent's content management and to confirm castings. These online portfolios become packages that our team sends to clients (to include online content such as: unlimited photos, demos, reels, voice overs, music samples or music videos, tear sheets, hosting videos, sports or entertainment footage to promote the talent and to showcase their abilities. Talent's cost is only $0.55 (cents) a day for VIP access to the secure castings database, special webinars and industry training.  This covers the web hosting and management which is subscribed to and provided by The Audition Connection.)

  6. Gas to and from auditions- travel and gas are not covered for auditions or bookings by the agency. If a specific booking covers transportation, that casting will dictate that information.

  7. We refer and outsource coaching. Manikin does not offer training or development.

  8. Castings app is FREE to download on any mobile device- make sure you have this valuable tool and the profile to submit through the app.

  9. Hows much does Manikin charge? Manikin's booking fees. ​ 20% non union, 10% union 

  10. We do not charge you to be placed on our Manikin Agency website.

  11. We are NOT a school and do not provide classes. Acting and modeling coaches are available to you as a reference upon request. Commercial photographers are referred out. Please contact us for a referral


We work with MANY agencies.  If you are non exclusive with an agency, you are welcome to apply to MANiKiN


AGENCY FEES due to Manikin only when talent are booked




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