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FAQ - Joining Manikin Talent Agency

1. What services does Manikin Talent Agency provide? Manikin Talent Agency is a premier booking agency, connecting talent with a range of opportunities and facilitating pitches to potential clients. We offer referrals to reputable coaches and guide talent in creating engaging profiles for auditions.

2. What are the requirements for headshots and commercial content photos? Professional headshots and commercial photos are crucial tools for success. We recommend high-quality, clear, and recent headshots that represent you authentically. For commercial content, photos should be versatile, showing you in various styles or roles. These images are vital for your audition connection profile and for presenting to clients.

3. Can you explain the audition connection profile database? The audition connection profile database is an essential tool for talent representation. It's an online platform where you create a profile showcasing your headshots, skills, experience, and other relevant information. This profile is used by our agents to pitch you for suitable roles and opportunities.

4. What is the etiquette for bookings and auditions? Professionalism is paramount. Talent should confirm bookings promptly and communicate any changes as soon as possible. Being prepared, punctual, and maintaining a positive attitude during auditions is essential.

5. How important is communication with the agency? Regular and effective communication is key. Keeping us updated on your availability, contact details, and any significant changes helps us represent you more effectively and increase your booking chances.

6. Who does Manikin represent? We welcome enthusiastic and dedicated individuals of all ages and experience levels from diverse backgrounds. We value talent who are eager to participate in auditions and bookings, supported by their families.

7. How does Manikin handle fees and commissions? We operate on a commission basis, only taking a fee from successful bookings. The rate varies between 10% and 20%, depending on union status of the booking. Our non-exclusive policy allows talent to work with other agencies.

8. What is Manikin’s geographical reach? Manikin has a presence across all states in the USA and has expanded globally, representing talent in South Africa, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Sweden, and Canada, with plans for further expansion.

9. How does the audition process work at Manikin? Auditions are conducted exclusively via Zoom. Talent should dress professionally and ensure they are in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Actors are expected to perform a commercial or monologue. Models should discuss their experience and interests. Singers and dancers should provide a brief introduction of themselves and submit videos (such as dance recitals or singing performances) for consideration. Talent under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present during the audition. We encourage family support during the audition. Decisions are typically made within 1-3 days after team review, and acceptance notifications are sent via email. If accepted, talent will receive a welcome packet with a link to complete their talent database profile and an electronic non-exclusive agreement.

10. How can I see the talent that Manikin is promoting? To get a glimpse of the talent we represent and our latest activities, visit us on Instagram at @manikinagency. Our Instagram page showcases a diverse array of our talent and gives you a taste of the exciting opportunities we offer.

11. Who does Manikin Talent Agency work with? Manikin Talent Agency collaborates with mother agents across the globe and maintains a strong working relationship with other agencies and coaching facilities. This network enables us to provide a wider range of opportunities to our talent and enhances our ability to place them in the right roles.

12. Does Manikin work with unique looks or talents? Yes, we are open to and actively seek unique personalities, looks, and special skills. If you see it on TV, in an advertisement, or in a film, we submit for those roles. We believe that diversity in talent is essential to reflect the varied tapestry of our society.

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